macrokey is a unique identity and credential management app developed at Data61, CSIRO. It enables individuals to create their own digital identity that is independent of any third-party identity provider and use that identity on the World Wide Web to:

  • Authenticate on websites with data privacy and user consent in the hands of the user, without any intermediaries (server-free & password-less authentication).

  • Collect digital credentials (i.e. provable claims) about the self and others from various websites (e.g. authorities and regulators).

  • Control the sharing of those digital credentials and personal data with third parties (including other individuals and websites).

  • Join blockchain networks and safely interact with Smart Contracts.

macrokey adds value to individuals by:

  • enabling individuals to create and control their own identity and link them to various credential providers without relying on intermediaries. It is also blockchain agnostic and works both online and offline.

  • establishing trust online by proving identities and claims for quick onboarding.

  • enabling a simpler, more secure way to authenticate on the Web (server-less & password-less authentication), which leads to greater security, greater speed and reduced costs.

  • offering a user-centric encrypted personal data vault that brings back control in the hands of the individual for a more secure way to store, manage and share personal data.

macrokey also adds value to businesses by:

  • providing means to robustly verify digital identities and reduce the risks of identity theft.

  • enabling provable claims about staff/customers (e.g. age, address, membership, qualifications, driver license, COVID vaccination/tests, etc.)

  • enabling proof of authenticity of digital content (e.g. legal documents and content attributions)

  • supporting compliance through data governance as businesses collect data from their customers with provable user consent.